Friday, February 10, 2017

RAWPixel: be inspired

Recently I discovered new interesting resource where you can download high-resolution images for free — Team Manager and Customer Relations Officer Nica Tortosa agreed to give me a short interview.

How long ago did Rawpixel started working?

Technically Rawpixel only started out in 2014, but we have be going since 2011 in other guises. We first started out with just a very small production team, travelling the World working on some pretty exciting shoot projects. Since then we have added many more creatives to our team and we are going from strength to strength. ​

Where are you based? Who is your team?

Our Rawpixel headquarters is in England, we also have a creative hub in Bangkok. Our Bangkok hub houses ​a diverse team of over 50 talented designers, editors, keyworders, and web developers. Bangkok is a very dynamic city, which gives us loads of​ inspiration and subjects to feature in our creative projects.

Image © Rawpixel |

How is your project different from other sites?

We create all of our content from scratch, through this we can ensure that every image provides the authenticity, diversity, creativity, quality and the all-round awesomeness that our customers need. Everyday, we ​endeavour to redefine​​​ stock photography. We ​listen to our clients and prospects, ​putting ourselves in their shoes ​to enable us to create the content they need. We own the copyright to all of our images and every image with a recognisable model has the necessary model release/permissions - as long as you use our image in accordance with our image licence, you can trust us that you aren't going to get caught out with any legal issues.

Is Rawpixel owner of images from your site? Can other photographers participate in the project?

Yes we own the copyright of all images on ​We believe that producing amazing stock images comes down to having an amazing production and design team not just a talented photographer. At the moment all of our photographers are part of the Rawpixel team, we do not accept content from "contributors". However, we do have future plans to welcome amazing photographers to collaborate with the rest of our team.

Are photos from Rawpixel exclusive?

As we said above, we own the copyright of all of our images. At the moment we promote and sell our images through but also on some other microstock agencies. We are working hard on preparing our images and website to be able to offer our full portfolio for sale on, when we do this we will have a range of images that our exclusive to

Image © Rawpixel |

Rawpixel Free Image License allows to use content for commercial purposes — "Incorporate the image into merchandise as long as the image itself is not the merchandise". What about resale/distribution physical items at so-called print shops —,,, etc.?

If it is for personal use then that is fine. But if it is for commercial use/resale than it is not ok to reprint the image as merchandise, where the primary element of the merchandise is the image, such as printing the image on to a canvas. If however the image is only used as an element of the design/item and the image is not a primary element of the item, such as adding a caption to an image and printing it onto a mug, or incorporating the image into a wedding invitation design then that is ok.

Could you provide some positive statistics of Rawpixel? For example, how many customers cooperating with the site now, how many photos you have at the current time, etc.

Rawpixel currently have about 800,000 images in our library (we are already giving around 700 of them away for free at, and this number increases daily), we believe we are the World's leading creator of digital stock images. In November last year we estimated that someone downloads one of our images every 10 seconds - a pretty impressive statistic — but we are aiming for 1 every second!

Image © Rawpixel |

It's early days for us on, we have launched it so we can work directly with the hundreds of thousands creatives that use our images, we don't have as many of them as we would like collaborating with us on the site yet, but we do know the ones have already found us are doing a really good job of helping us to spread the word.

Russian version of this article on busja-design.blogspot: RAWPixel: be inspired.

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